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December 11, 2007



I agree.

I may mistake the things you've written here and elsewhere, but I sense, perhaps incorrectly, that you assume that I don't believe in penal substitutionary atonement.

I do. Passionately. It's bedrock in my life and I teach it and seek to live out its implications.

Some other theories of the atonement complement PNA, and together they get at the fullness of atonement in Scripture, but PSA strikes me as the primary content of atonement.

Maybe you've taken various data from our meeting at Union Station several years ago, or Common Grounds (the book), or other things I've written, and believed that I subscribe to PSA. Maybe you have no questions about my beliefs in PSA.

Or, maybe you've assumed nothing about my beliefs and have not been acquainted with things I've written. In that sense, perhaps I've been a blank slate to you and you've been waiting for me to express my beliefs.

But....it's just a hunch, perhaps unfounded...I suspect that you assume I don't believe in PSA. Further, I suspect you think this because I robustly believe that the Kingdom of God **is** the Gospel and is the central theme of Scripture.

I hope my hunch is incorrect. I don't know.

If my hunch is correct.....you have no *legitimate* reason for thinking this of me.

Again, I hope I'm wrong in my hunch. I'm probably mis-reading your words and interpreting them in ways you didn't intend. Because I don't know, I'm asking, because I don't want an incorrect hunch to harden into belief.

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