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November 16, 2006



I like your title, but an alternate title could be "For marrieds: Reality injection to save your current marriage(!)" Thanks for the "no-formula" formula. Cool for math geeks like me without descending into the stepwise practicality of many sermons we hear today.

All marriages need a miracle of God's grace on a regular basis, because we just can't get it right on our own. But hey, that's the reality that the gospel points us to anyway!

P.S. Is it bad manners to send an email link as a Christmas gift?


Thanks for this beautiful reminder of the realities of marriage. However, I thought you were immune to such problems by choosing the "right" partner. I mean, you are married to Dave. :)

I'll have to think on these some more and hopefully truly take them to heart. I have several friends who could have used these re-adjusted expectations before getting married. A side benefit: you've made me joyful for my singleness one more day!

Though there was no doubt we liked you - you are forever sealed in our affections now!
You are right to out me as being married to such an amazing man. However, when you carry the load of flesh that I do, there is still some dying to do. God is good in all His gifts.

Tonya - Somehow you are able to speak the unsexy, unvarnished truth and make it sound...sweet. Sweeter than the lie, even. I had to read this twice before I realized how many times you'd told me my idols must die. I love you for that. Thank you, friend.

Reminds me of a great talk by the daughter of Francis and Edith Schaeffer, Susan MacAulay, at a L'abri conference called "The Good Enough Life." (Susan info: http://www.librarything.com/author/macaulaysusanschaeff )

Thanks, Tonya, for imparting wisdom and therefore life,

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