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November 16, 2006


Thanks for this post. I get Books and Culture in the mail. This essay revisits what seems to be an ongoing problem: the demonization of Christians by secularists. My lip curls when I read the screeds of Dawkins, et. al. Which naturally brings to mind the attempts by certain Christians to demonize certain others. I'm thinking of the folks who created publicity inventing "The Homosexual Agenda" and "San Francisco Liberals" to incite fear in gullible congregations prior to the last election. Christ urges us not to let ourselves be swept along by tides of hate. We Christians need to live our witness by encouraging fellow believers not to indulge in fear-mongering, and we also need to consider the most Christlike response to the hate-mongers who rail against Christianity. If anyone has any good stories about how they responded effectively, intelligently, and in a Christlike manner to anti-Christian screeds, I'd love to read!


I think Wilson's essay in the NY Times is one excellent example of how to respond to anti-Christian screeds.

The best response I've read is Kelly Monroe Kullberg's story about being asked by a woman to whom Kelly could not say "no" to fill in for her at a speaking engagement at SUNY Albany. The event was titled, "The Bible and Feminism," and the campus militia had decided, unbeknownst to Kelly, to hijack the event. The way the Lord guided Kelly to respond is beatific.

Kelly tells this story in chapter 6, "Road Trip: Living In Skin" in her new book, Finding God Beyond Harvard.

Easily this story is worth the price of the book, and it's not even the best chapter in the book.

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