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June 02, 2006


Hi Glenn,

Hate to point this out, but by spending two posts on this already, haven't you kind of succumbed to the siren in a backwards sort of way? I mean should you even need to explain yourself, if you really don't care? Truly a pathetic expression of apathy!


You "hate to point this out". Really? Using your language and logic, would that be a pathetic expression of hatred? :) <-- denotes being playful, not snarky.

What force greater than your hatred COMPELLED you to point this out?

I'm in a clue-ful mood so I'll explain: I don't care about 1) reading the book, 2) seeing the movie, 3) making the most of this incredible opportunity.

I do care, as evidenced by the two posts, about rebuffing the guilt manipulation that accompanied SOME appeals to "make the most of this incredible opportunity."

I do care to use this cultural artifact as a window into a theological discussion about Christ and culture, and the tension between living missionally and not letting the world set the agenda for the Church.

So DVC was the illustration for what I wanted to talk about: the missional/world-setting-the-agenda tension.

Holler if you'd like any more distinctions. :)

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