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June 28, 2006


Thank you, Kelly, for your single-minded focus on this project. I first read FGH in 1997 on my way to teach English in China where I faced students who were asking these same questions, but from the cultural malaise of communist ideaology re-forming into gross materialist pursuits. For them, the biggest, most mind-boggling revelation was that intellectual people even believed in God. Your book was shared with several questioning students. I look forward to reading Finding God Beyond Harvard.

very good interview look forard to reading your book

Thanks so very much for your work. There was an article in todays Repository Newspaper in
Canton, Ohio. I'll make it a point to get your books and read them.
"Dr. Don"

thank you for this wonderful blog it was well worth the read

Kudos to Kelly for her message and her books. We need people just like her at every one of those kinds of institutions, MIT, Stanford, Yale, etc. What courage! Keep up the good the fight of faith!

I've come to know Kelly recently as well, and really appreciate this interview. Her books are well worth reading--by Christian and skeptic alike! I look forward to reading a "Finding God at Yale" in the future--it is much needed.

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