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October 12, 2005


I cant describe how grateful I am to the Lord for bringing you and Kyle Livingston to our church. As parents, we owe you both an enormous debt ( http://www.gnpcb.org/esv/search/?q=Romans+13:8 ) and are thankful that you will be well repaid in glory by our Father.

I spent last weekend with 12-to-14 year-olds. It was the most exhausting and exhillerating weekend I've spent in ages. I was the oldest person on the campus at a Jr. High retreat. I think there were 6 churches there, 200 kids. The adults vs. kids games they had us play were brutal - I had a blast, but it would have been nice to know somebody nearby was certified in CPR. (I tried desperately to get an age exemption from the games, but they totally laughed at me!)

Anyway, eight kids came to Christ that weekend, six from our church. That was the best part and fully worth every moment of agony I experienced from playing some physically extreme games and eating food that totally succoth.

Kids are amazing! Keep the faith and be faithful to your calling, Linc. The kids really are listening and we parents appreciate everything you do to show Christ's love to our kids.

Linc - Your comments are just at the very core of the gospel. God pursued us though our lives, desires and efforts are often so vain and forgettable in light of Him.

I love the Os Guinness quote that Leo shared with us last night, "The modern world has scrambled things so badly that today we worship our work, we work at our play, and we play at our worship."

In the midst of that scramble, our focus can become so self-centered and our attitudes so arrogant. We talk about so many ministry opportunities, but there are few that come with the kind of thirst and hunger that kids have to just be loved by someone. How can we downplay (and we do) the opportunity to show a younger, eager generation the love of God?

I know that you won't say that it is you, but thank you for your willingness to consistently challenge all of us (kids included) to step up to the plate and love people.

You might feel differently about being a youth pastor at, say, 60 years-old. Kinda cool for a while, but then...

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