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September 30, 2005



The object of worship is the key to understanding what you have so well said here.

I wish the marketers of worship would do a little Bible study and find out what words God used that are translated "worship" in English.

The NT word is proskaneo. Pros-from which we get our word prostrate; kaneo-from which we get our word canine.

So Biblical worship is to get down on all fours like a dog in a prostrate position. Nothing about music....

If we truly meet the living Christ at a public meeting and worship Him this is what it would look like. The problem is the Jesus presented at most evangelical public "worship" sessions is an effete, effeminate, extra-Biblical and gross caricature of the Risen Lord Jesus. Sad to say, most pastors have no clue as to how they can become an avenue of the Lord Jesus visiting His Body at public/corporate meetings. Seminary (cemetary) doesn't hold that as a priority---its all about running a business now...

To the Church at Laodicea....

dc kanz

Thanks Habig...great stuff and thought-provoking as always. I collect old hymn books but have never run across the Spurgeon one before. I hope the plant is going well - you rock big guy!

David, I'm not trying to be contentious here, but... I wonder if you are a confirmed advocate of awe but don't leave much room for mirth? Your tone makes me wonder....

One of the wonderful things about GK Chesterton is that awe and mirth go togeether hand in hand in his christian vision.

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