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August 06, 2008


Wow, Les. That is one of the best posts I've ever read on CG (and I've read almost every one and been influenced deeply by many). And I have not even seen the movie! I need to read this again and again as I think of the young people in my life and their worldview. Wow again.

Props bro. That's a good read! You could make a lot of the same deterministic parallels with Two-Face. Chance being our only hope and all (fate). Very Greek.

Also very, very impressed with the post. Sadly, I've got to wait for the end of the month to get to see the movie (hooray for European release dates), but I recently got around to seeing the excellent 'No Country for Old Men,' and your post seemed like it could have been written about that film (with only minor modifications and probably minus the teenage girls).

I don't know that I would read too much into the "Awesome!" reaction. I'm guessing those who are teenagers right now will probably remember this decade in a very different way than people even just a few years older, and I'm guessing that the Joker doesn't trigger nearly the same associations for them as he did for you.

All the same, it's a reaction that seems consistent with the themes 'Batman Begins' brought up - in the face of this sense that the world is filled with malevolent inevitability, to try to become what it is you fear. I wonder if there isn't something of this in the motives of those who do turn to terrorism themselves, the sense that the world they hope for and cherish is under assault by a decadent, malevolent juggernaut in the form of Western cultural and political dominance.

I suppose that's what this generation will need to discover in the Resurrection - Someone who steps into a world that seems ready to be torn down and swept away, either by the chaos that seems to encroach from every side or by a righteous judgment against its pervasive corruption, and fights victoriously against the chaos, and averts the deserved destruction.

Judging by 'No Country,' at least, I think it's a generation that is at least discovering the flimsiness of its idols.

Great post Les. Eye opening perspective.

Thanks Les, for your post.

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