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May 08, 2007



First, I wanted to say thank you to you for your service in Iraq, both as a soldier and as a chaplain.

I'm a civilian, but had the privilege of visiting some bases in Iraq in late 2003. I also had the chance to worship with them on a Sunday. I was impressed with everyone in the military that I met. Thanks for all you do.

Regardless of the way the news portrays the US civilian population, we are behind our military and believe in what you are doing in Iraq.

My Sunday was a lot tamer than yours, and most of the people in my congregation did not bring shotguns to church. I live in Texas, and would guess that there were probably a few 9MMs being carried concealed.

Our congregation is fairly diverse, and getting more so. The cool thing for me is that when we were singing praises, it was to the same God that you were praising in your services in Iraq.

May God bless you and yours, my brother in Christ, and may He keep you and your fellow soldiers safe.


I came across your blog via the World Magazine blog site. When I finished your article, I prayed for your ministry, your men and you. Thank you for being a light for the Lord where you are.

I don't know if it would ever be possible, but I would like to invite you to Kansas to speak at a youth rally our ministry produces each month. Just a thought.

Take care, be alert and God Bless you!


Thank you for the kind words, and more importantly the prayers. I doubt any self respecting Texan would conceal a 9mm, they don't have much by way of stopping power. You're probably dealing with concealed .45's.

I love reminding my Soldiers that we are one voice in a global chorus. Keep on givin' em Jesus in Texas, I'll do the same here.

I'm honored and humbled by your offer. Stay in touch, I'd be happy to help out as I'm able. Talking to teens WITHOUT machine guns might be a fun change of pace.


You're most likely right about the .45s, and will do about sharing Jesus.

I'll keep praying, too.

Tim, I read your article and then looked at the pictures. I thanked God for the fellowship that He provides no matter where fellow believers gather and then prayed for the safety of each of the soldiers there. Thank you for your service.

Tim: Just saw this older article you wrote. Your continued service is an inspiration to us all. Thanks for taking the time to write and tell us "how it is."

Regards, Doug


How are things going over there? Are you and the men you minister to staying safe. Drop me an email when you get the time and let me know how things are going.

Because He Lives!


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