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May 17, 2006



I still consider Manchesterbucking some of my most contactfull moments while in seminary.

Thank you.


Dr. Meek,

Thank you very much for this post. I would like to ask you for your indulgence with a sort of nagging question. As much as I enjoyed your book _Longing to Know_ and continue to recommend it to others with enthusiasm, I've wondered if a possible shortcoming might exist in the seeming dominance of a "Subject-observing" model of knowing. Recently I read Fergus Kerr's _After Aquinas: Versions of Thomism_ where he argued that Aquinas, pre-Cartesian that he was, held to a model of knowing more akin to a non-subject centered participation of the object and subject. Creation is so ordered in its giftedness that objects, instead of simply being "out there" for us to grasp or observe, participate with us in the act of knowing by eliciting or "awakening the intellectual acts on our part which manifest our intelligence." (AA p. 27)

Anyway, your proposal of "covenant" epistemology or "Starbucking" (I like that term and will start using it), seems to be moving in this very direction.

To echo the late Chris Farley, "That would be great!"

(A pastor who only plays a philosopher on TV)

In the overwhelming flood of things to read in today's information-driven society, I can always count on your writing being worth taking the time to read.

By the way, that Grande may encourage mutual self-disclosure in more ways than you might expect. I recently read this news article, "Coffee Makes Us Say 'Yes'" - http://www.abc.net.au/science/news/health/HealthRepublish_1627382.htm

Anyway, would you please go ahead and finish that doggone second book?! I'm dying to read it! :-)

Deeply in your debt for still-unfolding revelations from your first book,

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