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July 25, 2005



Thank you for this. The speech I gave competitively my senior year of college was on trafficking, and I have written a little on the topic myself. Where can I find more of your writing like this? I can be reached at johnwilliamcoleman -at- hotmail.com

Thanks for your comment John. I'm glad you have knowledge and interest in these topics.

Stay tuned to this blog for more writing.

For the thoughts of others, I'd recommend Gary Haugen's new book,Terrify No More, or a book called The Natasha's about sex trafficking in Russia. You may already know these, but if not, good reads.

Thanks again--Heidi

Hello Heidi,

I read with interest and appreciation your comments about trafficking. It is evident that you have a genuine concern for the victims of this horrible business. I recently met in Cambodia several young girls who have been rescued from brothels and now are living in a shelter. The youngest one who was only 11 years old said that she wanted to help rescue other girls like her when she grows up and becomes a lawyer.

So, keep up the good work whatever you do for God and for His children.

Kostas Kotopoulos, International Justice Mission, DC

Kostas, Great to hear from you.

I loved hearing of your great work at IJM's Global Prayer Gathering earlier this year.

Take care--Heidi

Thank you for your work, Heidi. Thank you for bringing this issue to the table on this blogsite. I like your terminology of "the destructive power of good". It is bold and powerful and reminds me that "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom and all who follow His precepts have good understanding." It seems God has blessed you with a good understanding of His presence in the midst of this severe evil. I see your fear of the Lord in your understanding of the great power of his good....the destructive, fearful, mighty power of good. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this subject.

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